‘The Fed reminds me of a speculator who is on the wrong side of the market’

themarketNZZ/Chistoph Gisiger interviews Jim Grant/11-7-2021

photo of gold bars and $100 bills

“I love [gold] with the same intensity that I am frustrated by it, which is considerable. That is a rather poetic expression of my opinion. So let me get you a more down to earth answer: Gold is unusual in that it is kind of outside this speculative whirlwind.” – James Grant, Interest Rate Observer

USAGOLD note: And therefore undervalued, we would add, along with silver …… Always good to catch up with James Grant. In this interview, he talks about inflation, the stock market mania, the bond market, and a few other areas of interest to gold owners and advocates. “So let me re-emphasize,” he says. “What is unique today is the intensity, the amount of money, the amount of leverage and the monetary backdrop.”

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