Hussman Funds/John P. Hussman/11-21-2021

photo of pouch with gold coins spilling out into foreground“Across four decades of work in the financial markets, and over a century of historical data, I’ve never observed as many historical indications of a market peak occurring simultaneously..…Emphatically – and this is important – my intent here is not to “call the top” of this bubble. Yes, this is a bubble in my view. Yes, I believe it will end in tears. Yes, the price investors pay for a given stream of future cash flows is inseparable from the long-term returns they can expect. Yes, if this bubble is ever to actually have a top, this would be a perfectly reasonable moment to expect one. Still, my present intent is simply to share what we’re observing.”

USAGOLD note: Hussman ends by saying, “Meanwhile, even if an investor sells at these extremes, the only thing that will change is who holds the bag.” Switching some of your assets to a bag of gold coins at this juncture, might not be a bad idea. Hussman’s latest is highly recommended – at the link.

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