In his final warning, this stock trading wizard — who made big money in bear markets and crashes — called this market a bubble like no other

MarketWatchj/Michael Sincere/12-2-2021

photo fo major explosion“’Think of a vacant building that has a gas leak,’ Cook once told me. ‘The gas has been leaking for a long time. The longer the gas leaks, the bigger the explosion. It will take a catalyst to trigger an explosion, but no one knows what is the trigger point. The longer the gas is in there and ignored, and forgotten, the greater the explosion.'”

USAGOLD note: There are so many nuggets of wisdom in this article that it does not do it justice to mention only the one above…… This is an interview you do not want to pass up. Reflections on the current stock market from veteran trader Mark Cook who passed away in October. You have to ask yourself: Are you feeling lucky?

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