GDP red flag

Seeking Alpha/Jeffrey Snider/10-29-2021

“To that end, the growing realization of potentially disturbing disappointment over ‘stimulus’; it was taken for granted how huge fiscal doses should have produced some lasting impact. Instead, it will be lucky to have kept up just to the end of this year, rather than the “red hot” economy believed to be unstoppable not so long ago.”

USAGOLD note: Alhambra’s Snider seems to be gravitating to the disinflation school of thought in this analysis. “What should be concerning,” he says, “especially in this context of ‘stimulus’, is that this huge gap remains despite historic levels of government intervention.” The “huge gap” has to do with the difference between stimulus and response (as represented by the weak GDP number).

Gross Domestic Product

bar chart showing GDP data releasae for Q3 2021

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