A base case for silver

Seeking Alpha/Craig Hemke/10-20-2021

photo of a stack of silver coins and bars“Many of the base/industrial metals have been surging of late, and copper appears to be next. What impact, if any, can we eventually expect this to have on the price of COMEX silver? Let’s start by recognizing that the ongoing bull market in commodities is a real thing. With the rapid acceleration of fiat currency debasement since the onset of the Covid Crisis, hard assets have surged as shortages have developed.”

USAGOLD note: Hemke believes copper may be about to follow the base metals and energy higher and that silver may go along for the ride. “So go forth and prepare accordingly,” he writes. “Keep a close eye on ole ‘Dr. C’ and watch for new all-time highs. Once that occurs, don’t be surprised by what happens next.”

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