10 reasons to own silver

Sprott Asset Management/Staff/November 2021

photo of silver coins stacked and in foreground“Silver has been used throughout the ages as a medium of exchange. Today, as governments continue to debase fiat currencies, silver’s hard asset and store of value qualities should help protect investor wealth. Silver also has many industrial uses and is critical in manufacturing many of the technologies of tomorrow. This makes silver not just an attractive store of value, but one that stands to benefit alongside major technological shifts.”

USAGOLD note: Strong, basic rationale for first-time investors …… At USAGOLD, the silver rush is still in full swing and doesn’t seem to be letting up. Investors often cite the advantageous pricing of silver compared to other investments, its upside potential, and its emergence as an alternative store of value as reasons for stockpiling the metal. We offer an allocated, low-cost, independent storage program for high net worth investors – buy and sell with a quick phone call.

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