Where are we in the market cycle?

TheFelderReport/Jesse Felder/10-15-2021

chart showing cycle of emotions from optimism to euphora to despondence and back eventually to optimism again
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“Animal spirits have clearly sustained a damaging blow in recent months; whether that blow proves fatal, though, will be revealed in time. The fact that interest in day trading is plummeting stands in direct contrast to the fact that interest in getting help for stock market gambling addiction is soaring.”

USAGOLD note: By associating stock market investing in some quarters with gambling addiction, Felder goes where few in the mainstream media dare tread. He equates the current mania with the 2000 tech bubble and reminds his readers that some of the most highly traded stocks lost 90% of their value. He believes that we are now well past the “‘euphoria’ stage [of the market cycle, see above] into the ‘anxiety’ stage, headed for the ‘denial’ and ‘fear’ stages.”

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