Trade gap widens to record high in August

Trading Economics/Staff

Repost from 10-5-2021

“The trade deficit in the US widened to a record high of $73.3 billion in August of 2021, higher than market forecasts of $70.5 billion. Exports edged up 0.5% to $213.7 billion, the highest since May of 2019, boosted by sales of nonmonetary gold and natural gas while shipments fell for autos and parts, civilian aircraft, corn and travel. Imports were up 1.4% to a new all-time high of $287 billion, namely pharmaceutical preparations, toys, games, organic chemicals, transport and travel. The deficit with China increased $3.1 billion to $28.1 billion. The deficit with Canada increased $1.4 billion to $5.1 billion while the deficit with Mexico decreased $1.9 billion to $6.6 billion.”

bar chart showing the trade balance record high August 2021

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