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Mauldin Economics/John Mauldin

Repost from 9-1-2021

“Investors face hurricanes, too, with even more uncertainty. The storm could hit someone else, or go back out to sea and dissipate. Do you bet everything that it will? I don’t. Right now, several potentially big storms are brewing. They could be minor annoyances or catastrophic disasters, or anywhere in between. I truly hope they all resolve with minimal fuss. But they may not. They could even combine into a perfect storm of even greater magnitude… so now is the time to prepare.”

USAGOLD note: Mauldin goes on to provide much detail on the storms building in the background – their political and economic underpinnings. He ends by predicting the Fed balance sheet will reach $25 trillion by the end of the decade. It is now $8.2 trillion and was a little over $4 trillion when the pandemic hit in early 2020.


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