The threat board is looking busy

Blain’s Morning Porridge/Bill Blain

Repost from 9-30-2021

image of a lone wolf against a snowy backdrop

Relax. Calm. Breathe Deep. Looking at the Threat Board this morning, the list is getting long – and worrisome. There seem to be so many dangers points about. It’s pretty easy to identify each of the multiple threats – just listen to too much BBC and read the financial press. The trick is being able to put them together in a coherent explanation of where they are likely to take markets.”

USAGOLD note: The rational mind might complain that there is no way to know where all of this is likely to take markets. And that is about as good an argument as one can make for putting away some gold. “Winter is coming,” he concludes, “and the Wildlings are over the wall.” Blain’s latest at the link……

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