Silver to the stratosphere

Singapore Bullion Market Association/Emil Kalinowsky/Fall 2021

Repost from 10-20-2021

graphic representation of an angry silver bull“I’m ‘crazy’ about silver’s bullish outlook for the rest of this decade, and I explain why in this article (i.e., green energy, inflation). I could have styled this article in a matter-of-fact way, but I’ve been reading too much science fiction while pining for international travel to resume once again. And so I wondered, What would it be like sitting next to someone? And what if they wouldn’t stop talking? On an interstellar trip? What would I say? Hopefully the content is educational and entertaining. See you at the spaceport.”

USAGOLD note: An entertaining review of silver’s longer-term fundamentals for those looking to check that box on their investment To-Do List.

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