Perth Mint gold and silver bullion sales surge in September

Repost from 10-18-2021

photo of gold Australian Kangaroo“Demand for Australian bullion products surged in September, figures from The Perth Mint show, with sales of gold coins and bars the highest in five months and sales of silver coins and bars the best in three months. The Mint’s minted bullion sales not only surpassed those from the prior month but those of a year ago.”

USAGOLD note: The Perth Mint is seeing much better results than the U.S. Mint thus far in 2021 in terms of percentage growth. We need to keep in mind though that the U.S. Mint was down for a few months due to a changeover in coin design to the new American Eagle. Gold bullion coin sales for October for the gold American Eagles have been very strong – 121,500 troy ounces and already 6% over September sales.

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