‘Most Americans ignore the signs we are in real trouble’

AdvancingTime/Bruce Wilds/10-7-2021

graphic image of two tickets to board the Titanic“It is said the dance band on the Titanic played on as the ship went down. This was all done as a grand effort to reassure the passengers and ease the panic in their hearts.Consider the possibility that behind all the noise we hear today a similar effort is being made to comfort us and take your attention off the hopeless feeling that comes when things sink away beneath your feet. For the last several months I have come to feel a similar story is playing out here. The Biden-Yellen-Powell economy is less than inspiring.”

USAGOLD note: Essayist Bruce Wilds raises concerns many of us have entertained in recent months. If you are thinking about a precious metals diversification and you have yet to pull the trigger, perhaps you are doing yourself a disservice, i.e., not giving your instincts the proper credit.

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