Happy fiftieth anniversary, gold

Gold Eagle/Michael Pento

Repost from 8-27-2021

photo of 100-ounce gold bars arranged in a herringbone pattern

“But what all this proves is that Wall Street is not only biased against gold but hopelessly ignorant as to the real function of the precious metal. It is crucial to understand that gold isn’t really an investment, like stocks or bonds. It doesn’t grow its earnings, or pay dividends, or even offer any interest like fixed income. Gold mining stocks are investments, but the metal itself is not. Gold is a competing currency that must be measured against the return on cash. It offers a viable replacement for dollars that exist in a completely liquid savings or checking account or short-term Treasuries. In other words, the performance of gold is most accurately measured when compared with the returns on holding cash or cash equivalents. Gold should not be compared with stocks or long-duration bonds. However, gold can still very favorably compete with those investments, especially during times of stagflation.”

USAGOLD note: Readers will appreciate the direct manner in which Pento makes his point. This article offers solid perspective on gold’s place in the investment universe since the United States ended dollar convertibility in 1971.


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