Gold of the Great Steppe

The Guardian/Jonathan Jones

Repost from 9-28-2021

image of gold deer from Fitzwilliam Museum's Kazakhstan's Great Steppe exhibit“A young archer was buried around 2,700 years ago in the foothills of the Tarbagatay mountains of eastern Kazakhstan. In 2018, his bones were found preserved in the permafrost, surrounded by exquisite ornaments and weapons: beautifully observed figures of deer, finely crafted holders for his bow and arrows and dagger, myriad tiny beads – ‘and everywhere’, as Howard Carter said of Tutankhamun’s tomb, ‘the glitter of gold.'”

USAGOLD note: Treasures that tell an interesting tale as told by the Guardian’s Jonathan Jones at the link above (includes more photographs). “It seems they lived in a shamanistic dimension,” he writes, “where humans, animals and the spirit realm seductively wove.”

Image courtesy of the Fitzwilliam Museum, United Kingdom

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