Get rich with crypto, stay rich with gold

Atlas Pulse/Charlie Morris

Repost from 9-3-2021

graphic image of gold bar chart with line chart overlays

“I can’t help but think the next decade will belong to gold. After all, the S&P 500 trades at a lofty valuation by historic standards, while gold doesn’t. The main reason I have confidence that gold will win the 2020s is that this almighty asset bubble all around us will implode, and the crowded trades will disappoint the most. Gold is far from being crowded.”

USAGOLD note: Though Charlie Morris’ thought processes are held in high regard, we continue to counsel caution when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Many harbor a lingering suspicion that crypto has as much chance of rapid decline as rapid advance. In the end, though, we all need to find our own way on the matter. As for the second half of Morris’ mantra (as expressed in the title), there is a great deal of merit and historical support for preserving one’s gains, wherever they might occur, through conversion to gold. For those who have made significant profits in the crypto arena, perhaps preserving some of those gains is an option worth considering. After all, the crypto space has tracked the S&P more closely than it has gold. Morris’ latest is well worth the time spent no matter where you come down on the crypto controversy.

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