Burry slams Fed, warns of inflation, and deletes Twitter account

MarketsInsider/Theron Mohamed

Repost from 10-4-2021

graphic image displaying rising inflation vector“‘Bond & stock markets depend on a Fed stripped of all credibility,’ Burry said in a now-deleted tweet. He cited the central bank’s mismanagement of the global financial crisis, its decision to cut interest rates three times in 2019, and the revelation this month that two of its regional presidents, Robert Kaplan and Eric Rosengren, traded stocks and other securities last year.”

USAGOLD note: It seems the Fed is suddenly taking a lot of flack. If it’s this bad now, it could get considerably worse if the stock market suddenly heads south. Burry, as you might already know, has a very large Twitter following – or used to, we should say. “The inflationary mindset,” he says, “is something you don’t want to short. Ask Costco.”

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