Will gold have its day as a crisis hedge?

Financial Times/Stefan Wagstyl

Repost from 9-8-2021

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“What is it that Palantir Technologies knows that the rest of us don’t? Quite a lot, if we are to judge by the number of governments that are prepared to pay for the US high-tech company’s data-crunching service.”

USAGOLD note: We mentioned Palantir’s Gotham operating system in the September issue of News & Views – a program, according to its website, that surfaces “insights from complex data for global defense agencies, the intelligence community, disaster relief organizations, and beyond.” Palantir is worried about “a future with more black swan events.” With the article lead cited above, Financial Times’ Stefan Wagstyl comes right out with what we were reluctant to say in that newsletter. He concludes that the yellow metal “may indeed be worth a look.” His in-depth article is highly recommended particularly for those intrigued with Palantir’s recently announced decision.

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How gold performs during periods of deflation, disinflation, stagflation and hyperinflation

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