Fears of a ‘taper tantrum’ might be overshadowed by a U.S. debt ceiling conniption

MarketWatch/Thornton McEnery

Repost from 9-1-2021

cartoon image of a scared skier trying to outrun an avalanche‘While financial markets have been fretting over the possibility that the Fed will start to pull back on its easy money policies before year-end, investors might want to start paying attention to the possibility that a politically intractable debate over the debt ceiling is coming and it could derail any plans that Jay Powell might have to slow asset purchases and raise interest rates.”

USAGOLD note: We see both the ‘taper tantrum’ and the ‘debt ceiling conniption’ as highly over-rated. The more likely scenario is that the spend and print juggernaut gains even more momentum in the months to come. The wise investor will try to stay ahead of it.

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