Buffett slows buybacks, sell stocks with market at highs

Bloomberg/Katherine Chiglinsky

Repost from 8-10-2021

Ed Stein cartoon showing a chart of stock and gold diverging with an investor thinking 'decisions-decisions'

“He repurchased just $6 billion of Berkshire stock, the lowest amount of buybacks since the middle of 2020, and was a net seller of other stocks for the third quarter in a row, according to the conglomerate’s second-quarter earnings released Saturday. Buffett’s been faced with a high-class problem in recent years: Too much cash, and too few opportunities.”

USAGOLD note: Buffett’s dilemma will not be news to veteran investors who have worked, watched, and played the stock market over the years. Cash might be trash, but it’s better than being caught in a crash. Gold might be an even better option for the opportunistic value investor – particularly those harboring doubts about the purchasing power of the currency. It has spent the last year vacillating in a tight, roughly $200 range while stocks inflated to uncomfortable levels for knowledgeable investors like Warren Buffett.

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