A phase of structurally high inflation is beginning

the  market NZZ/Mark Dittli interviews Russell Napier

Repost from 7-3-2021

graphic rendering the value of money

“Over the next ten years, I’d forecast something between 4 and 5,5% in terms of the rate of inflation in the developed world. But mind you: The most important part of my forecast is not the inflation rate per se. It’s that interest rates will not be allowed to reflect that rate of inflation. That is what changes the entire structure of finance.”

USAGOLD note: Napier, a highly regarded market strategist, sees the dawning of a new era in which the real value of money erodes on a consistent basis in order “to get rid of the high levels of debt,” as themarketNZZ explains in the introduction to this interview. “I’m very bullish on gold,” he says. We referenced this interview in yesterday’s Daily Market Report and repost it here for those who may have missed it.

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