Biden’s neo-populist economic doctrine

Project Syndicate/Nouriel Roubini

Repost from 8-6-2021

“The paradox is that the ‘Biden doctrine’ has more in common with Trump’s policies than with those of Barack Obama’s administration, in which the current president previously served. The neo-populist doctrine that emerged under Trump is now taking full form under Biden, marking a sharp break from the neoliberal creed followed by every president from Bill Clinton to Obama.”

USAGOLD note: And the result is massive government spending underwritten by the Federal Reserve. Roubini says Biden administration neo-populist policies could trigger higher inflation even a stagflationary crisis. As we have posted here previously gold and silver did very well during the stagflationary 1970s while stocks languished. (Gold rose 1,819.72%, silver 1,698.94%, and stocks 11.49%.)

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