Legendary investor Jeremy Grantham says both stocks and crypto are in bubbles worse than in 2000

Markets Insider/Isabelle Lee

Repost from 7-23-2021

“Grantham said he received a lot of hate from market bulls following the publication of his investor letter in January, which called bubbles in a number of financial sectors. His opinion has only grown stronger since, however.”

USAGOLD note: Grantham goes on to say that bubbles are “easy to see” but forecasting when the bust will come is “trickier.” Another tricky aspect of a bubble scenario is figuring out the best place to park capital in the event of a bust. In an inflationary environment, cash and bonds do not make a lot of sense. There is one candidate, though, that has not reached bubble proportions, a sitting bull, if you will, i.e., the precious metals.

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