Gold pushes higher in quiet summertime trading
Central banks are buying the dip

(USAGOLD – 7/27/2021) – Gold pushed higher in generally quiet summertime trading as the Fed convened, yields continued their descent and the dollar weakened. It is up $7 at $1806. Silver is down 7¢ at $25.20. A Bloomberg report earlier this month on burgeoning official sector gold demand received scant attention among gold analysts. What makes it a matter of better than casual interest, though, is that the central banks appear to be buying the dip in prices this year – a preference that, if it continues, could carry longer-term implications for gold market fundamentals. Most notably, Brazil – the world’s ninth-largest economy – announced purchasing a hefty 41.8 tonnes of the metal last week.

Credit Suisse’s global equity analyst Andrew Garthwaite takes note of the trend in a recent report reviewed at ZeroHedge and offers a glimpse of the rationale behind the purchases. “Gold is a hedge against extreme financial deleveraging,” he says. “The level of government debt, deficit and corporate debt is extreme. We continue to believe that if the TIPS yield gets much above zero, that would start to cause the markets to worry about a debt trap and that in turn could lead to a major risk-off trade. This could then prompt a Fed response driving down real yields (and debasing money).…We think this will also cause central banks to buy more gold (as currencies are being debased). Central banks account for 12% of gold demand. If all central banks had a minimum of 10% in gold, then gold demand would increase 1.6x, on our calculations.”

Chart of the Day

Used car and truck prices
(Percent change from a year ago)
line chart showing used car and truck prices major increase in 2021

Sources: St. Louis Federal Reserve [FRED], U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Chart note: Some have begun monitoring the dizzying rise in the price of used cars and trucks as a bellwether for the overall inflation situation – up over 45% year over year as of the end of June. CNBC recently reported that used car prices and car rentals are “behind the biggest inflation surge since 2008.”

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