The Fourth Turning: Why America’s crisis might last until 2030

Hedgeye/Neil Strauss/8-14-2020

graphic image of walk in a deep, fearful wood

“To be clear, the road ahead for America will be rough. But I take comfort in the idea that history cycles back and that the past offers us a guide to what we can expect in the future. Like Nature’s four seasons, the cycles of history follow a natural rhythm or pattern. Make no mistake. Winter is coming. How mild or harsh it will be is anyone’s guess but the basic progression is as natural as counting down the days, weeks and months until Spring.”

USAGOLD note:  For those who, like me, buy into the notion of a fourth turning, the problem is to get to the other side of the woods with our assets reasonably intact. Strauss says that we will eventually find our way to a first turning – a time of renewal – but the fourth turning could extend until 2030. Physical gold and silver, as stores of value, have done well in the first stages of the fourth turning which began in 2008.

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