Precious metals are and always have been the ultimate insurance

Gold Eagle/Claudio Grass interview of Pro Aurum’s Robert Hartmann

Repost from 4-13-2021

“Precious metals are and always have been the ultimate insurance. They provide protection both against state failures and against mistakes in the monetary policy of the central banks. Every investor who looks into the history books sees that both have happened over and over again in the past centuries. From that perspective, investing in physical gold and silver is a common-sense precaution and a necessary part of any wealth preservation plan. Investors and ordinary savers ignore this at their peril and the failure to include precious metals in one’s portfolio is pure negligence.”

USAGOLD note: There are essentially two broad schools of thought alive and well in the gold market. The first holds that crisis is around the corner and, as a result, precious metals should be owned to profit from the event. The second holds that crisis is a permanent fixture in the market dynamic and that the portfolio should always include precious metals as the ultimate safe haven. The first buyer sees gold as an investment product, i.e., buy it now and sell it later when the time is right. The second sees gold, like Hartmann, as an insurance product to be held for the long run. Some combine the two, allocating one part of their precious metals portfolio for trading purposes and another as a permanent, or semi-permanent, store of value. It is important for the novice gold owner to determine where he or she stands on this distinction because it dictates, in turn, which products to include in the portfolio and to what degree – strategies with which we have helped a good many investors over the years. We invite you to call our Order Desk for further information.

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