No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die

Seeking Alpha/Trapping Value

Repost from 3-18-2021

“Perhaps no exchange between James Bond and the movie villain has been as iconic as the one from Goldfinger. Auric Goldfinger accepts that James Bond won’t be giving him what he wants and knows that 007 would rather die than reveal secrets. Our view on the capital markets has reached a similar situation today and we tell you why we have no expectations of bonds providing us returns, despite the selloff. We expect bonds to die a slow painful death over the next few years.” [Emphasis added.]

USAGOLD note:  Sentiment in the bond market, as this article suggests, is going from bad to worse. Trapping Value echoes the assessment of a number of top money men – Buffett, Dimon, Dalio….and others. If the bond market does indeed go into a long-term tailspin, capital is likely to move in gold’s direction for save haven purposes.

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