From rickety souk to global powerhouse: How Dubai became the City of Gold

CNN Travel/Ashleigh Stewart

Repost from 2-9-2021

photo of display at gold souk Dubai

“The labyrinthine alleyways and carved wooden roofs of the Dubai Gold Souk haven’t changed much in the last century, aside from some modernization. What has changed is its size and scope. Over the years, the souk has expanded from around 400 square meters to a vast powerhouse more than two kilometers wide and three kilometers in length. More than 700 merchants now ply their trade here, primarily in the Gold Souk or in the Meena Bazaar, just across the Creek. Many shops around here have been in family hands for decades.”

USAGOLD note:  Several years ago a client told of his visit to Dubai’s gold souk and being surprised at the number of merchants who had the USAGOLD website on screen as they went about their daily business.  We still get considerable traffic daily from India and the Middle East. Visits from India rank number two.  The United Arab Emirates (Dubai) is number seven.

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