Deutsche Bank: Central banks simply can’t afford higher rates with global debt so high

ZeroHedge/Jim Reid, Deutsche Bank

Repost from 3-2-2021

photgraph of the seal of the Federal Reserve system“When I talked about the inflation picture slowly turning before the pandemic, the major reason was that I thought we were moving more towards a helicopter money / MMT world and away from fiscal austerity. The pandemic has accelerated this and a Blue Wave has picked up the baton in its crest.” – Jim Reid, chief credit strategist, Deutsche Bank

USAGOLD note: Reid, in short, does believe that we are more at the beginning than the end of the money creation process. He says that central banks (not just the Fed) will “lean quite hard” against rising rates. All of which gives one the impression that the Fed might be nearing some kind of an announcement. One more event like last week’s bond market scare might be enough to prompt it.

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