Canadian Mint doubles gold bullion sales in 2020

Royal Canadian Mint/Staff/

Repost from 5-6-2021

“The Mint increased its revenue by 74% in 2020 as a result of exceptionally strong global market demand for bullion…Consolidated revenue increased to $2,527.6 million in 2020 (2019 – $1,453.4 million). Gold bullion volumes increased more than 100% year over year and were 982.8 thousand ounces (2019 – 483.0 thousand ounces) while silver bullion volumes were 29.5 million ounces (2019 – 22.8 million ounces).”

USAGOLD note: Even we were surprised a the strength of Royal Canadian Mint bullion sales for last year. It is not often that we see volume increases of that magnitude in the gold market. RCM silver bullion sales were up almost 30% – a notable increase in its own right.

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