Silver dragon awakens

Seeking Alpha/Tomasz Zaton

Repost from 3-31-2021

photo of pile of silver bullion coins

“Silver is poised to shine in the coming years due to very strong fundamental factors. The most important among them is the ongoing Green (eco-friendly) revolution. These initiatives require huge quantities of silver, which contrasted with the declining mine production, means that silver will be enjoying favorable demand/supply dynamics for many years. … Silver has been gaining popularity among younger investors. In late January, Reddit’s wallstreetbets users targeted silver. The metal saw frenzied activity. Hashtag #silversqueeze hit the front pages of many market publications, and in three brief days, silver prices rallied roughly 25%. Implied volatilities doubled within a few days for the third time during the last 12 months showing that potential for a huge move is there.”

USAGOLD note:  The silver price might be down, but demand is not. We are having one of our best 12-month stretches ever at USAGOLD for silver bullion coin sales.

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