One of the worst quarters ever for safe havens

SentimentTrader/Jason Goepfert

Repost from 4-2-2021

“During a mostly positive quarter for stocks (depending on the sector), other major markets got hit hard. For both gold and bonds, it was among the worst ever. For gold, a 10% quarterly loss is unusual. In nearly 50 years, there had only been 9 other quarters with a loss this large. In terms of what it meant going forward, the answer was ‘not much.’ That’s mostly thanks to the huge volatility in the years surrounding 1980, though – after that, all four of the quarters with massive losses ended up leading to gains for gold during the months ahead.”

USAGOLD note: A bad news, good news kind of situation. One might read ‘buying opportunity’ between the lines – particularly for long-term asset preservation investors who like to own unencumbered, physical metal and have the patience to wait for the market to turn in their favor.

Overlay chart showing quarterly returns on gold

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