Keep 10-15% of assets in physical gold, avoid Bitcoin: Mark Mobius

The Economic Times/Staff

Repost from 4-19-2021

graphic image of group of green flags“However, gold at this level sounds like a good investment. In fact, I have added some gold to my own portfolio because I think it has reached a sort of turning point where we are going to see a recovery in gold prices. But even if you are not following gold on a day-to-day basis, from a long-term point of view, you are better off with 10% or 15% of assets in physical gold.”

USAGOLD note: The highly respected Mr. Mobius weighs in on the gold-bitcoin debate…… He turned bullish on gold a couple of years ago recommending it as a holding during numerous media interviews. Needless to say, those following his advice thus far have been greatly rewarded.

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