Gold rises as financial faith weakens

Gold Eagle/Matthew Piepenburg/4-5-2021

graphic image of a sign pointing in two directions inflation and deflation“With this paradox openly confessed, one of my former law professors sent me a polite yet challenging email to make a contrary case for inflation, as he had taught me (and many others) to do as part of a 3-year legal education in seeing two sides to every fact pattern. And so, in deference to a wise professor, as well as the humility of seeing more than one’s own certainty, let’s give deflation a fair look, as well as fair argument. In the end, fortunately, the net result is the same for gold: Its best days are still ahead.”

USAGOLD note:  As we have said many times over a good many years, gold is indifferent to the inflation-deflation debate. It protects against either or both – no matter in which order they come. That said, Piepenberg offers a detailed discussion arguing both sides of the issue though he remains firmly on the inflation side of the fence.

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