Gold bars and coins found stashed in old French village house

The Guardian/Angelique Chrisafis

Repost from 4-19-2021

“The surprise discovery of three jam jars filled with gold bars and hundreds of gold coins in an old building marked for renovation has left a mountain community in eastern France perplexed and celebrating.”

USAGOLD note: The article goes on to value the find at about $720,000 (€600,000) consisting mostly of small-denomination European gold coins put away by “several generations who didn’t throw anything away, kept everything and lived really frugally.” The coins were found in jars on a dusty shelf and in an old safe behind a wardrobe. France has a history of currency debasement going back centuries – a history to this day that many among the French citizenry have never forgotten. Obviously, the family had an understanding of the role of gold during periods of extreme inflation. Consider, for a moment, the value of the find if the family had stashed French franc notes instead.

Image: French Napoleon 40 franc gold coins (unrelated to this discovery)

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