Can gold and silver prices double or triple as rising inflation destroys savers’ wealth?

FXEmpire/Peter Ginelli/4-6-2021

graphic image of piggy bank in gun sight“Now imagine you had two $20 bills in 1933 and you put one of them under your mattress and turn the other one into an ounce of gold. Fast forward to today, 88 years later. The $20 under your mattress can buy you a couple of burgers, some fries and if you are lucky, you might get some change back. However, the ounce of gold you had purchased, if you sold it at today’s spot price of $1730, it would enable you to go back to that same store in Beverly Hills, buy that same suit and never hear the end of it from your family and friends on the insanity of having spent that much money on a single suit.”

USAGOLD note:  An historical reference worth considering …… Are your savings in the crosshairs?

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