$100 silver is well within reach

FXEmpire/Peter Krauth

Repost from 4-2-2021

Photo stacks of silver bullion coins

“If we account for inflation, and that’s massively understated ‘official inflation’, then silver prices peaked at $120 in 1980 and around $57 in 2011. (Please see our Chart of the Day below.) Today’s price near $24 is still well below those levels, suggesting a lot of upside remains ahead. In fact at $24 today versus the inflation-adjusted $120 in 1980, silver is currently about 80% below that peak. … Looking at silver from a technical perspective, in my view we are either at or near a final bottom for this correction. …It’s time to be a silver contrarian. History has rewarded us repeatedly. $100 silver is well within reach.”

USAGOLD note: We referenced this analysis from Peter Krauth in yesterday’s DMR and repost it here for those who may have missed it. The silver price, as Krauth points out is 80% below its 1980 inflation-adjusted high. As a matter of interest, the current gold price is 25% below its 1980 inflation-adjusted high.

Line charat showing the inflation-adjusted price of silver 1970 to present

Chart courtesy of MacroTrends.net • • • Click to enlarge

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