The end game of Paul Singer

Repost from 1-27-2021

graphic illustration of a money printing machine“I think the thing that’s most interesting about the great inflation’s is once they get underway, and well before it’s thousands of percent a day or a week, once they get underway, central banks get trapped in the sense that they know that if they diminish or end the money printing, or whatever the technological equivalent of money printing is at that time, the next thing that will happen instantly is a crash, a financial crash, a deep recession or depression. And so that’s what I mean by trapped.”

USAGOLD note: We referenced this highly-recommended interview in yesterday’s DMR and repost it here for those who may have missed it.  Singer offers a detailed look at where we are now and where we might be headed. As many of you already know, he has recommended gold ownership in the past.

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