The absurd electric bills slamming Texans

YahooNews/Pilar Menendez, William Bredderman and Steven Monacelli/2-17-2021

“The nightmare only got worse on Monday, when she realized her bill had increased by another $2,500. In comparison, Scott-Amos paid $33.93 last year for the entire month of February. ‘I don’t have that type of money,’ she said. ‘I now owe Griddy $2,869.11. This is going to put me in debt, this is going to mess up my credit. Are they going to cut me off? In the middle of this ongoing crisis?’”

USAGOLD note:  Not a joke by any stretch, but the Ramirez cartoon reflects what a good many trapped in this polar vortex “disruption” are thinking ……

Ramirez cartoon showing longhors wishing for some global warmingCartoon courtesy of

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