Stocks and bitcoin are massive bubbles – David Rosenberg

CNBCTradingNation/Stephanie Landsman

Repost from 1-4-2020

cartoon showing boat with nasty leak nation states aboard 1932

“What’s holding the boot together is basically zero interest rates. As long as rates remain where they are, unless we have a real dramatic pullback in economic activity, this bubble that we’re in is probably not going to burst any time soon. We have to understand though we are investing in a bubble.” – David Rosenberg, Rosenberg Research [Emphasis added.]

USAGOLD note:  The problem with bubbles is no one can know when it is going to burst, but when it does the damage can come swiftly and with a vengeance. The best way to deal with it, as we have said repeatedly, is not necessarily to vacate the market – or try to pick a top – but to build hedges.

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