Precious metals: Potential remains for further upside

Heraeus/Staff/January 2021

photo of stacks of gold and silver coinsGold and silver will continue to offer a safe haven from eco- nomic uncertainty and the massive ongoing central bank asset purchases and increases in government spending. Inflation expectations have risen, the yield curve is steepening and real interest rates are firmly negative, all of which are supportive of further price gains. With industrial demand improving and continued investor interest, silver’s outperformance of gold is expected to continue.”

USAGOLD note:  For 2021, Heraeus forecasts a range of $1760 to $2120 for gold and $21 to $36 for silver. Calculating the returns based on the highs from current price levels that projects a 15% gain for gold and 41% for silver.

Repost from 1-26-2021

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