Holiday stocking stuffers from Harley Bassman

ConvexityMaven/Harley Bassman

graphic image of 2021 the year of gold with 1799 U.S. gold $10 gold pieceFor the record, I am not a Gold-bug; but buy me a well-mixed Sidecar and I may nod in that direction. In 5000 years of human history, there is no record of a kingdom printing the currency of the realm at a faster pace than the growth of the economy without generating inflation.

USAGOLD note: Bassman, who formerly plied the investment trade at Merrill Lynch and most recently at PIMCO, now heads a “hedge fund of one” and still comments occasionally on the financial markets and investments. Gold is among the investments he thinks “will do well over the intermediate horizon – two to five years.”

Repost from 12-18-2020

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