Gold: The winning investment of the 21st century

SeekingAlpha/Anna Sokolidou

Repost from 10-24-2020

cartoon showing bicycle with silver dollar wheels and no wheels bike at standstill

“As I have explained above, fiat currencies are devalued. It does not necessarily mean we will face hyperinflation. After all, we did not face that problem during the Great Recession after the Fed eased its monetary policy. However, the very expectation of high inflation and a deep economic crisis might make investors quite skeptical of the fiat currencies. What’s more, many investors will also probably be reluctant to buy stocks and corporate bonds. After all, economic hardships put significant pressure on many companies’ earnings. So, where should people invest? The most obvious answer is precious metals.”

USAGOLD note:  We concur.  In fact, we took pretty much the same tack  in this analysis first published in March of this year: Gold’s Century – While stocks dominated headlines, gold quietly performed

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