Gold and silver bullion coin demand surging, straining U.S. Mint’s capacity

Reuters/Devika Krishna Kumar

photo of gold and silver American Eagles“The United States Mint said on Tuesday it was unable to meet surging demand for its gold and silver bullion coins in 2020 and through January, due partly to pandemic-driven demand and plant capacity issues.”

USAGOLD note: It sounds like the U.S. Mint will be pressed to meet demand whether or not the Reddit raiders’ push into the silver market succeeds (which at the moment appears to be dead in the water). At the same time, we are experiencing very strong demand from our regular clientele and steady stream of newcomers.  At the moment, our supply lines remain intact, and we are booking and delivering orders without delays. Premiums are higher, and we expect them to remain firm for now given the news from the U.S. Mint.

Repost from 2-4-2021

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