EMA says gold and silver about to explode

Seeking Alpha/Equity Management Academy

Repost from 2-19-2021

graphic image of group of green flags“Gold and silver are reaching the point where they are about to explode. We are running out of silver supplies, especially for industrial uses. In March, we were low on supplies and the physical market included about an $80 premium for gold and silver over the paper price. In the past, the futures market led the way in price. The physical market is headquartered in London, while the paper market is in New York (COMEX). The Commitment of Traders shows that there are still massive short paper positions in precious metals, in excess of $38 billion, which has kept the price down. The current environment is similar to the 1970s, when we saw interest rates hit 14% and gold rallied from $130 up to $800 or $900 in 1981.”

USAGOLD note:  EMA remains very positive on future pricing. The technical buy triggers it is looking for have already been tested – $1780 for gold and $27.08 for silver.

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