Basel III could be gold’s best friend Lane

Repost from 2-23-2021

photo stack of modern gold bullion coins
“On the 28th June 2021 Basel III will change the spectrum of how Gold is valued. This event has been described by some precious metals analysts as the most significant in their careers. So what is it exactly, and how will it change the world for Gold and precious metals investors?”

USAGOLD note:  Lane says things are about to change dramatically in the gold market. A must-read at the link on a subject we have touched upon only lightly here at our daily newsletter page. This article will bring you up to speed on what might turn out to be a very important matter. After a number of “very, very serious questions,” Lane asks a final question and provides some answers: “Last chance to load up on these price levels? It could well be. Excited? You should be.”

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