The hard math of demography

Daily Reckoning/Addison Wiggin

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“Two centuries on, Peter Peterson, in his book Gray Dawn, warns that we might pose a different question: What happens to the wealth of nations when the populations get old and begin to shrink? In this chapter, we look at the effects of demographic shift… not because it is the only trend in place, but because it is one easily missed.”

USAGOLD note: Alan Greenspan warned many months ago that inescapable demographic trends were working against the U.S. economy and that it was destined for a stagflationary outcome. He reiterated those concerns recently.  Wiggins worries we have headed the way of Japan – a disinflationary economy verging on deflation. Which will it be? Or will be it be some other outcome entirely? Gold owners, as we have posted here often are prepared for any and all the various potential outcomes and no matter in which order they arrive. To prepare for the future, it gets down to a matter of the proper portfolio balance.

Repost from 9-14-2020

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