The Great 2021 Squeeze Mania

Credit Bubble Bulletin/Doug Noland/1-29-2021

cartoon of a hedge fund manager on the phone telling a client to buy gold

“Hopefully I’m wrong on this, but most will be losers. Before this is all over, many will blow up their trading accounts and exit the casino in dismay – or worse. Short squeezes always have a pyramid scheme component. It’s musical chairs, and the velocity with which squeeze stocks eventually collapse will be a shock to many. There was outrage Thursday after Robinhood and other online brokers restricted trading in a limited number of stocks. But just wait until this Bubble implodes, and there’s blood in the (Main and Wall) Streets. Trading systems were stressed this week by millions of buy orders. How will the system function under the stress of tens of millions of panicked sell orders? I’ll presume worse than March.”

USAGOLD note 1: Some words of wisdom and highly recommended reading from an old pro in the financial business. Those hoping for a short squeeze in the silver market might be careful what they wish for. It could unleash market forces against which there is little or no defense as Doug Noland outlines above and on which he elaborates in detail at the link.

USAGOLD note 2: Here at USAGOLD, we recommend gold and silver for long-term asset preservation purposes – not speculation. As such, we see physical coins and bullion as the safest and most productive option for the average investor. It is a simple, straightforward philosophy and strategy that has served us well over the years.

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