Ignore all the market predictions for 2021 except this one

Bloomberg/Jared Dillian/12-29-2020

artist rendering of a man chasing a shooting star“As long as Wall Street has been in existence, it has been a tradition around this time of year for market participants to make predictions about what might happen to stock prices, interest rates, commodities and exchange rates in the following 12 months. These predictions garner a lot of attention, as they are made by very smart people with access to the best data and vast resources at their disposal. And yet, far more often than not these predictions end up being hilariously wrong.”

USAGOLD note:  In line with our commentary further down the page, we post Dillian’s views on the subject of annual market forecasts. It is because markets and events are so unpredictable that gold (old reliable) makes so much sense as a portfolio inclusion. Dillian, the editor of The Daily Dirtnap, is among our favorite market commentators these days and we link his writings often here. Highly readable, baseline insight at the link above ……

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