Financial warfare is real; gold and silver are part of ‘the answer’

The Daily Reckoning/James Ricards/12-21-2020

“The most dangerous attacks of all are those in which the enemy penetrates a bank or stock exchange, not to disable it or steal information, but to turn it into an enemy drone. Such a market drone can be used by attackers for maximum market disruption and the mass destruction of Americans’ wealth, including stocks and savings.”

USAGOLD note: The above is a Pentagon war games scenario in which Ricards was a participant. Though he doesn’t mention the cyberattack last month on several federal government agencies (deemed “the worst ever”), it serves as a warning of financial markets vulnerabilities in the modern era. He says that “[t]he answer to both threats – collateral damage and digital warfare – is to have some hard assets in physical form that cannot be attacked digitally. These include physical gold and silver, land and fine art. These are the things that cannot be erased in a digital attack or frozen when payment systems are disrupted.” It just so happens that those are the same shelters the wealthy have used for centuries as a hedge against the unexpected.

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